"For all of us in the Pet market, which we are so passionate about and which has given us so much, it is time more than ever to give back. The moment as arrived to connect Man, Pet and Planet. We will contribute with our grains of sand. Join us and be part of the transformation!"

Our Impact

ZOOK intends to create a positive impact on society and, based on this objective, we define objectives and goals to which we are committed in order to create a real and perceptible impact.

Internal Evaluation

Our Targets

Reduce CO2 emissions by 25% per year

Neutralise our negative impact on the environment by 2030

Green facilities by 2030


CO2 emissions avoided

Energy consumption

No. of reforestation projects

No. of projects promoting animal welfare SROI (Social Return on investment)

Collect, validate, analyse and report data

Important to ensure alignment with targets

Identify the advantages and obstacles encountered and promote the necessary improvements so that the outputs are as expected.

External Evaluation

In the Community

By promoting local production, we are creating value in the community: creating jobs, creating opportunities in other areas, boosting the local economy.

In the Environment

By being meticulous in the selection of materials and suppliers, we are reducing CO2 emissions and the negative impact of the activity in the biovidersity.

In health and wellness

By boosting the local economy and reducing CO2 emissions, we are promoting Health and Wellness.

Discover our values

Now that you know how we´re trying to help and make an impact, check out our values to see the pillars by which our brand is governed.